A popular misconception is that only wood is prone to termite attacks. It is not true. It is not just wooden houses that are prone to attacks by termites, but also concrete ones.

Yes, you heard it right. Concrete.

Concrete houses are as much in danger as wooden houses, in fact, a concrete house on the ground is in more danger than a wooden house above the ground. The termites do manage claw through the concrete foundation making it weak and thereby making your house structure collapsible. Regular and timely action can prevent this.

Go for a professional pest inspection now! Make your house termite free!

Caulfield Cup, one of the biggest Group1 open handicap races by the Melbourne Racing Club, is held annually on the third day of the Caulfield Racing Carnival as part of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival held in mid-October. It is held at the Caulfield Race Course in Melbourne, Australia.

The race covers a distance of 2400 metres and it attracts the best middle distance horses in the country and in the recent times from abroad.

It is one of Australia’s richest thoroughbred horse races and probably one of the world’s richest handicap races for the distance with prize money of Au$3Mn.

Andrew Lesnie the famous cinematographer known for Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, died at 59 this year leaving his legacy behind. His work was adored by many Australians and embraced by the world with his beautiful cinematography. Those who have seen The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy will appreciate the genius behind the scenes as he was awarded many times over. A video production team in Sydney is currently working on his documentary so his fans can see his life on the big screen. Lesnie died in his home of a severe heart attack on April 27, 2015. Shakespeare Media is the best video production company in Sydney, check their portfolio from www.shakespearemedia.com.au.

When shopping for a high quality plantation shutters sydney, it is best to go for a custom made one to exactly fit your window. One should check the tension adjustment screws and hinges. If opting for a wooden shutter then pine wood is an absolute no. Side rails need to be 1.5 inches in thickness to prevent warping of the panel.